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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
I think the argument you're making against Inge is precisely why we should have been more patient with Sizemore. Inge is playing like crap this year. Kelly's been better but that isn't saying much.

But your point about Sizemore not hitting in Detroit is true. But he's hit everywhere else (now including another MLB team). Granderson slowly went all to hell in Detroit but has turned it around in NY (even outside of his power numbers, he's swinging a good bat this year). Infante got moved for Jaque Jones and has since become a pretty solid infielder who swings a decent bat. Joyce has emerged as a pretty good bat.

Avila is really the only guy to have come up through our system, and continued to swing a good bat with Detroit (Boesch has been too up and down, but seems to have settled into that third spot). We don't exactly churn out a lot of MLB quality position players as it is, so seeing a number of them go on and do pretty well after we give up on them isn't something we can really handle over the long run. I've seen people call for Mclendon's head. I wonder if there's something to it.
I don't think Grandy has done anything in NY that he wasn't doing in Detroit - he's hitting 330 foot flyballs to right field. It's just that in Yankee Stadium those are home runs, and in Comerica they're pop-flies. He wasn't a fit because he refused to be a gap hitter and not a fence swinger.

Not sure about McClendon - he does seem like he gets a pass because he's a Leyland guy. I wonder how they'd do with a different hitting coach but it's one of those things that's impossible to predict accurately.

As for Sizemore, as I said, we'll see. I don't expect him to do much. If he turns into Omar Infante 4 or 5 years down the road, I'm still not going to say it was necessarily a bad deal. Sometimes guys need to change scenery to get themselves moving in the right direction.

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