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06-17-2011, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I don't see the point in any team (much less ours) revamping the entire roster to look like the Bruins. Not to downplay their Cup win, but they were taken to game 7 by Montreal, Tampa Bay and Vancouver - three teams with a high emphasis on finesse. A bounce or two the other way in one of those games and nobody would even be talking about following the "Bruins' model".
Personnally, I want to follow the model we can to win. Since we can't finish 5 years in a row in last place and based our model in pure skills, we have to go and find other ways. There is still some way to win with skills with not a top 5 pick, Bruins have somewhat prooves it, just like the Ducks or even the Wings did. So our model could be based on draft picks that developed into great players. We have a couple of those guys that fits that profile. But I will always believe you need a mix of players. Not necessarily that can fight and put a hole in Lucic's face. Not my cup of tea to win those "moral victories". Now that the Bruins won, we cannot be the new Bruins when moral victories are enough. We don't need to solely beat the Bruins, again, we are not playing them for the Cup, there are other teams in this league. But I beleive that when a team is mixed as perfectly as they could, when the skills game doesn't work, you can play the grit game and let those ugly goals come. When those D's in front are too big so that you can't always outsmart them with your stick work, well let that big guy work the cornes and outpower that other big guy in front of him etc....I will not believe an organization who believes in being big in the net....big on D....but don't care about it up front. 'Cause if it works for one, it works for another. I was told that you need big guys on D so that they can't crush the oppositioni that comes too close to the net and all....but then I'm told we don't need big guys up front 'cause our skill guys will take advantage of the bigger and slower guys on D.....well, isn't it possible then that the opponent's skill guys could take advantage over OUR bigger d-men? I believe that to be a great team, you need to complement yourself. I don't believe we do.

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