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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
same could have been said of Chara up until this year (minus the Norris nom.)...
Chara already has one Norris, he just captained his team to a cup and he'll win his second Norris this year. There's a world of difference between the all-around player that Chara is and the one dimensional offensively gifted player that Markov is.

Nobody in their right mind would ever take Markov over Chara.
Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
Not sure why people keep saying Wiz is horrible defensively. Is it because of his +/- with the Islanders?

Besides, you want grit and toughness? This guy has them.
I agree. I never noticed him being a liability out there. I'll watch more closely next season but I don't remember him being bad in his own end. Did I miss something here?
Originally Posted by neofury View Post
The real problem with Kostitsyn is that he's European and some people just won't accept him unless he plays at the superstar level.
His being European has nothing to do with anything.

He's uber talented and he's wildly inconsistent. That's what people have a problem with.
Originally Posted by neofury View Post
If his name was John "Canadian Boy" Johnson people would be raving about how he hits hard, is a bit streaky but has all the tools, and is a relevant part of our top 6.

Instead because he's Andrei "Euro boy" Kostitsyn, people are crying about how he hits but isn't physical (lol), is too streaky to be a top 6 forward (even though the majority of 2nd liners put up the same production as he does and half of them don't score a point every other game, they're streaky) so therefore he's irrelevant to our line-up
If he was Canadian it would make absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Bottom line is that the guy doesn't play up to his talent level. Maybe it's unfair from the standpoint that our expectations are too high but that's not a Nationality issue. On top of that, he was drafted 10th in one of the deepest drafts of all time and ahead of players with far better results. Personally, I think it's unfair to hold this against him but many fans do.

He should be a better player than he is.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Head over at Olivier's blog at -- he counts scoring chances for all Hab games, and also lists shots-at-goals which is a fine proxy for puck possession (if you're shooting the puck then you obviously have it).
Who comes up with the Corsi numbers and who determines the scoring chances? Is it done with official stats or is it this Olivier guy who calculates it?
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Boston's D was very shallow. They had Chara, sure, but then it was a significant drop after him to Seidenberg, and a large drop after him to... well, a bunch of guys who would be bottom-pairing D-men on most teams.
Different kind of talents... I hate Ference and see him as a cheap shot artist. But he's rugged and he's initmidating. He'll never put up the points that a guy like say Wiz will but that doesn't mean that he's not talented.

Those kinds of skills though, don't show up on a spreadsheet.

You may hate Boston and they don't have the kind of offensive talent from the blueline that we do, but they played pretty well as a group over the playoffs and they are a rough and tumble group as a whole. The whole team bought into the system and (with the help of the refs not really calling anything) used it to their advantage.

I wouldn't want to build my team the way they built theirs but we could definitely use some of what they have on their roster.
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
No it's not. Kostitsyn is a strong two-way player, which is something he doesn't get nearly enough credit for. The real problem with Kostitsyn is that people view him as streaky. He's not any more so than any offensive player in his production range.
No. The real problem is that he has the skill level to be much better than he is. His "production range" should be much higher than it is.

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