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06-17-2011, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
DB's quote...trying to have my fingers keep up...

"In the board room in the summer time, you talk about your top 6 forwards, Sidney and Geno are our top 2 centermen...if you want to go in that direction, Staal is our 3rd centermen. They are our top 3 forwards and they will play top 3 forward mins, and they will be in top 3 forward positions. There will be a time when they are all on the ice, there will be a time on the ice in separate positions with 3 centermen, I think that suits our team well, and in certain circumstances we had the best 3 line in the league when we won the Cup, and I think we can do that again, but I also think when you're looking for moments when you need to put your best players on the ice, you're gonna want to have Sid out on the ice and then the next shift you might Staal and Malkin on the ice together, so I think you're gonna see a combo of that. It's not gonna be 1-2-3, but I do think you're gonna see Geno play center some times next year as well..."

Pretty much what he said before when he said we're going to see it both ways next season.

Also said when talking about Kennedy, he wouldn't rule out seeing the 3rd line of Staal-Kennedy when the situation calls for it, such as when they go up against AO.

DB said TK has proven himself that he can be a top 6 forward.
We were on the same page before. I get the sense he has changed a little. We both felt that Stalkin would be the "default" line-up out of the exit interview. Then he made it sound like he would go to the 3 center model for matchups. I now feel like we switched that around. Instead, the 3 center model will be default, and he will use the other guys together, when situations the call for it. Do you get the same sense JTG?

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