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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Akeson will have a hard enough time avoiding getting sent down to the ECHL, he will be happy to stay in the A if he can....
What is this based on? Akeson led the OHL in scoring this season. While that doesn't guarantee anything, why do you think he will struggle to even stay in the AHL let alone have a shot at the big team? What differentiates him from other players who were successfully made the jump to the NHL?

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Putting up great stats doesn't equal highly skilled. Especially in Read's case where he is playing against many people 5 or 6 years younger than him. He also played 3 of his 4 years in the CHA against very weak teams by the NCAA standard.
Of course big numbers don't always indicate a highly skilled player but one can make a reasonable assumption that there's some level of advanced hockey skills there. Read did put up 13 pts in 11 games in the AHL, so there's evidence he can produce against "men" too.

Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
I've watched Akeson play his entire OHL career. Skinner is a completely different player, in every aspect. Strength (Skinner has ridiculous lower body strength), shot, vision, dangles, skating, and absolute determination to succeed.

Akeson will have to bulk up before he can even attempt the NHL. His skating is okay, his vision is very good. But he's soft as buttah.
Hmm interesting. Akeson seems to be a similar height/weight as Skinner? The few highlights I saw of Akeson seemed to show him dangling and using his legs/body to protect the puck. But I know you saw him a lot more. I don't think players necessarily need to bulk up if they have enough high end skill (skating/moves/strength on the puck) like say a Kane or Giroux. I know I'm putting Akeson in some great company there, but you never know til you know how he'll fare.

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