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06-17-2011, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
It is truly amazing the culture change that has taken place in Montreal. I miss the days when Montreal regularly bullied the weaker teams like the Boston Bruins.

Wonder if we will ever get back to tough hockey? I do not think any time soon with Gauthier and Martin calling the shots.
Generally speaking, I think the habs have historically been predicated on talent as opposed to the philly or boston mould.

Having said that, the habs always have had just enough guys who can police the opponents if there are some liberties being taken, whether it was Ferguson, Robinson, Nilan, Ewen etc... that's the missing ingredient these days, but the game is also evolving at the same time so one can argue whether that is still required.

Personally, I believe there is still a place for those types of policeman as long as they can still play the game. A modern day odelein would be nice because not only could he handle himself and stand up for his teammates, but he could also play. Bieska is a bit on the smaller side but he doesn't take flack from anyone while also being a very capable d-man... he's an option

It wouldnt take a complete overhaul to add that type of ingrediant... just one or two smart moves would do the trick.

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