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08-27-2005, 08:14 AM
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it is refreshing to see teams considered to be the "upper tier" teams in the league to be using what amounted to castoffs from our defensive corps as starters...

york in toronto
bombardier being looked and talked about by colorado
delmore and lilja with detroit

hnidy with atlanta

lord we've come a long way,when these 5 used to be starters at one point or other on our blueline

as to lilja,given the proper role and system he can be more than adequate...great size,good strength,slow skater, not physical despite the size is the book on the guy... would be a good 5th or 6th dman or possible even a 2nd pairing if he's paired with a guy who compliments him who can help cover his lack of suceed on a 2nd line would have to be paired with an offensive type dman who had speed,but who needs a true stay at home guy to cover his rushes... lilja has no offensive skills,none,you sure don't want him joining in the rush.. but is the textbook stay at home guy who positionally is sound and rarely gets caught up ice out of position.. very little flair,you'll watch a game with lilja and never notice him if he plays his normal game,which isn't a bad thing..

expect to be frustrated that he doesn't use his size more.. but again,with the right pairing and the right system the guy can be average to slightly above.. i actually expect detroit to like this signing by midseason

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