Thread: Speculation: Should the habs buy anyone out?
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06-17-2011, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
This is Montreal, where the fans and media can/will find a way to hold the owners accountable should they start basing hockey decisions on what's best for their pockets.

Overcharge us for beer. Fine.
Charge us through the nose for merchandise. Fine.
Mark-up ticket prices season after season. Fine.

But start affecting the on-ice product in favor of saving a buck or two and things will get nasty. I don't think a brand like Molson with business interests extending beyond the rink will be too keen on testing that.
For those disgruntled fans angered by the ownership and refusing to pay for tickets, others will flock to replace them. Toronto has not won a cup in forty four years, have not made the playoffs at all in the last five, and yet they sell out every single game year round. I guarantee they would be far more keen on testing the status quo with Scott Gomez then losing ten to seventeen million dollars. The only conceivable way that happens is if Montreal abruptly stops selling out games consistently for quite some time, and even that it would have to be a similar loss of revenue otherwise they'll just ride it out.

As a fan, I prefer your outlook but from a business perspective. Your ideal is simply poor financial management.

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