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06-18-2011, 06:57 AM
Mr. Hab
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Didn't see all of 'em play, but...miss these character Hab players:
C.Lemieux (playoffs hero)

We need to get more players that can ****-up Bruin and Philly players...they way they **** us up and always get away with it (Chara on Pacioretty...I'll never ever forgive Chara for that intentional revenge shove to the turnbuckle...never).

It's way too easy for teams like Boston (violent cheaters) and Philly (violent cheaters) to injure us and GET AWAY with it.

We need more players that are good, fast and tough. Easier said than done. Give me another Subban (Jordan?) and I'm very happy.

Stay classy? Sure...if the ****ing NHL can finally suspend criminals on ice (Chara, Lucic, Horton, Boychuck...Philly's Pronger,etc).
Classy? Bruins win the Cup in 2011 (so much for class). **** Classy or **** the NHL and its rich millionaire *****s.

The new NHL...cheaters will be rewarded a Cup (Boston 2011 Cup winners).

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