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Originally Posted by ShowGoesOn View Post
I would give Wisniewski 5 million for 4-5 years EASILLY. The Cap will continue to go up.
Wether the cap goes up or not, 5 mil is still close to 10% of the entire payroll. You give a guy that when he is your #1 or 2 d-man but not for a #3 or 4. We have bigger needs for a shutdown minute eater at #3-4 or a big winger for the top 2 lines. With Weber on the way, Wisniewski becomes poor use iof cap room, especially given the fact that his contract would be 4 or 5 years.

Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
I wouldn't bet on that. It's not assured to happen. There is still a lot of question marks regarding the global economy and hockey being a sport (thus entertainment) is one of the first things people will put on the chopping block of expenses if things get tough. I'm not saying it's going to happen, odds are it probably won't, but you can't just assume it's going to keep going up and especially by the amount it's going up this season.

Like I said in another post, in today's NHL it is of the upmost importance that you have a solid vet core but it's even more important to have young talent on cheap contracts that can perform above their contract value. We have a slew of young guys that fit that bill right now; Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller, Desharnais, Weber, Emelin, perhaps even Pouliot. These are all guys that are capable at playing at a higher level than their current contracts, it allows us to focus on areas of weakness to acquire more depth. I'd much rather see us get a Top 6 forward that plays big than re-signing Wisniewski. Finding a new linemate for Cammy/Pleks while shifting AK to the third line with Eller gives us great scoring depth.


We have some question marks sure, my only real concern is Markov's health. We already have 6 guys under contract with Gorges and Markov for renewal. Gorges will be back, 100%. Markov is 95% sure to be back. So that gives us 8 guys that can play minutes in some form at the NHL level. I doubt very much Wisniewski is in the plans, not given the progression we will see from Weber, Yemelin and Diaz and that's not even to including other guys like Nash, Bennett and Tinordi who are a few years away. Nash is a call-up guy as of now.

Would I cry or be angry if Wisniewski is brought back? Nope not at all. I'd much rather PG be pro-active in ways to move Spacek and keep Wisniewski instead for the extra .5-1M it will cost in extra cap space. Unfortunately, I haven`t seen anything from Montreal management since the lockout to suggest they will be aggressive in finding ways to rid themselves of bad contracts to sign an improvement at the position. The big problem is Spacek`s +35 contract though, it`s not an easy move even if it is only for one year. What team will want Spacek with guys like Kaberle, Wisniewski, Pitkanen, Ehrhoff on the market can be had for a little more? There might be a team willing to take him on, I really hope we are pursuing that road because losing Wisniewski and keeping Spacek would be the real crime here.
Rather than Wisniewski I'd prefer moving Spacek and signing a Hejda or even Vandermeer. Then use 2-2.5 mil on a top 9 forward(Langenbrunner?).

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