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Originally Posted by nudie View Post
The big question however should be the quality of the league Orr played in. Since the expansion doubled the amount of teams, and Orr (on the few videos I've seen) seemed to round the other players like they were cones, it's seems like a legit assumption that the quality of the league wasn't the greatest. The less talented players in the NHL before the expansion were obviously better than the less talented players after. Orr was however unquestionably the player of his generation and probably the best defender of all time.

and btw as it really that more physical before as the guy earlier in this thread claimed. Without the xxl pads and helmets, a guy like Orr that draw alot attention be slaughtered out there?
Well by some notable hockey experts he (Orr) was not only the best defender of all time, but also the best player that ever played (in the NHL, since we'll never know how would old Russians, Swedes, Finns, Czechs, and other european players do). His skating was something to behold for that period in time. And to answer your question, yes it was far more physical game before, other players tried to take out his knees more than once, and that in the end led to his premature career ending. I have some tapes of him at home, and you can see that he was as far ahead of his time, as for example Doug Harvey was earlier.

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