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Originally Posted by Gooseamania View Post
I have always been loyal to 2-piece sticks, I do own a OP (i got a reebok for literally dirt cheap) but i still prefer my 2-piece. I am actually very interested to hear people opinions on why i prefer 2-piece sticks, it has very little to do with durability or price, it has to do with:

1.) i like to be able to inter-change blades, it gives me the ability to find my preferred blade pattern without having to get an entire stick and risk not liking the blade. this way, even if i decide to use a different pattern i dont have to abandon my entire stick in favor of a new one.

2.) call me crazy (and i am interested to hear if anyone shares my opinion on this) but i actually PREFER a stick with a little bit of weight. i'm not talking wooden stick heavy, but i have always felt that OP sticks are so light in most cases that i cant get a good feel for the stick when i'm shooting. the 2-piece allows me to "feel" the stick a bit more, the extra weight of the stick gives me more control & confidence in my shot, i can't really explain it.

does this make any sense?
I disagree but I can see your point and I've heard of people liking it for the same reason.

Originally Posted by ShootIt
I agree with both of your points.
Still rocking my One95 2 piece shaft, at least 2 years old, and like to mix up the blade patterns.
I like the added weight to the bottom of the stick as well. The one 95 is so light, I like to have some "resistance" while holding the stick.
My One95 one piece feels like a ton of bricks after using the '10 CCM U+ CL!

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