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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Yeah because its about the stats right? Jagr who wouldnt participate in the shootouts. Jagr who wasnt a fan of talking to the media just like drury was. Jagr who is now 39. Dont come on here and try to define what leadership is based on what he was able to produce 3 years ago or the fact that drury and jagr are two different types of players.. Leadership is much more than that. Everything we have ever heard about drury throughout his career, not just as a ranger, has been praise when it comes to leadership.

And btw i love jagr, would take him back in a heartbeat. But keep it real. Ignorance is bliss.
Nothing to do with Stats, i dont care What Drury did in little league or on any other team as i did not see him or watch him do any of it so it is all heresay just like when some analysts like Joe try to play off that Drury adds so much to this team in things including leadership when we all kno its bs. The fact is Jagr was a leader when he was here. Guys like Straka, Rozi, Malik, Dubi heck even Avery respected the guy not just because of points but because of the passion he has for the game. Why dont you watch the interview after Rangers lost to Buff and tell me Dru cared or was ever more of a leader for this team.

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