Thread: Speculation: Should the habs buy anyone out?
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06-18-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by NewEraGM View Post
Buying out means paying the player in cap dollars 2 thirds of their remaining salary over the course of twice the amount of years left on their contract. For example, to buy out Gomez, he has around 17 million left on his contract for 3 years. Thats around 2 million dollars off the cap for 6 years!!!!!!!!! And all those 6 years, we will not even be on the team. So its 2 million dollars for nothing....Yes, we save some money until his contract runs out, but then for 3 years after its just wasted...

For Spacek, 3.83 left for 1 year. Buyout would be 2.55 for 2 years...

Not really worth it in any case.

However, if we wait one more year with Gomez, we would only have 10 million left for 2 years. Buyout would be 1.666 for only 4 years now. Still I wouldn't see it happennig.....
Gomez is good trade bait next year. His cost will be much less than his cap hit and teams like Florida, Nashville who have trouble spending up to the cap will want him. We'll trade him for a bag of pucks and be happy about it.

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