Thread: News Article: Islanders Dangle 5th overall pick.
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06-18-2011, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
You realize that whether you condone it or not, this organization IS trying to compete now rather than solely focusing on creating a stable of talent for future competition?

The reason...Well, we looked pretty good relative the rest of the conference for a time last season, without our leading scorer from the season before (Latendresse). It would seem that we aren't far off...Latendresse and a lengthy injury to Koivu might very well have been the difference between making it and not. We aren't ridiculously far off.
They need to realize that having your cake and eating it too is virtually impossible in the NHL. This isn't baseball. But kinda like you said, we don't have to worry about management trying to do both because Fletcher and Co. have shown very little urgency to build for the future. For as bad as this team has been, he hasn't made a big move in 16 months. Since the ill-fated you-know-who trade, he's been ultra conservative. So conservative that building for the future has been put on virtual lockdown. Might not be a bad mindset. . . if we were Cup winners.

Was the team that competitive last season? No. We overachieved for a while to get into just playoff contention, and then fell apart. Mr. Fatso isn't the reason we didn't make the postseason. His unreliability issues are par for his course and a reason why we got him for an unreliable player. Meanwhile we blew another season to at least build for the future.

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