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06-18-2011, 09:25 PM
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I'm down to 190 lbs from 207 lbs last summer. 6 ft 2 in. Mid 50's of age. Work out 1 hr and 1/2 every second day.

At the time(207 lbs) I was was happy with my weight, but my blood work said different; cholesterol moderately elevated. Well, you know what happens when our Canadian health care system dibbileybops the current calibrated risk factor scenarios for mi's, stroke, and crap like that.... Apparently, I was smack dab in high risk territory for all that hypothetical stuff, and cholesterol medication was the answer.

Anyway, I don't give a **** about risk factors, but as I have no choice but to suffer their incessant coercive yapping I had to give it some thought. And I did.

Going on a cholesterol medication for life with consequent side effects, and multiple meds to treat side effects of side effects ad infinitum isn't my cup of tea, so I went on a low fat diet. Gave up my 3 or 4 times a week mega burgers with up-sized fries, chinese take out food platters, and 16 inch pizzas. Gave the stuff up since March. Lost 17 lbs.

I have no animosity for our health care system. I abused my diet in my younger days with no ill effects because my body could metabolize the excess; not so now(and not so before, imo). Entrophy. These ******** won't let anyone die in peace.

So, do I feel any different than last summer health wise? The answer is NO. I'm only doing this as a personal sacrifice to our healthcare system, only because I'm being coerced.

PS: I feel I am fit for my age.

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