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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Right. But Larry just turned 60 a couple weeks ago, while Markov is almost half his age at 32.
Yeah... I know.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
He and Wiz both have had just about the same amount of knee surgeries, and Wiz only has one season over 30pts.
I can't believe you would actually take him over Markov...
I've said it more than once, I think a lot of people forgot just how great Markov is.
Nobody has forgotten this. It's not about how good he was. It's about how healthy he'll be in the future and if he's lost a step. Nobody is saying that Wiz will be as good as Markov was. That's why I mentioned Robinson as an exteme example to make my point.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I think you just proved MM's point that you underestimate Markov.
Pronger is a HOF first ballot player. Markov will never sniff the Hall. Either you are too much of a homer to see this or you don't understand the game. Eiher way, Pronger has all kinds of hardware to back him up.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
For the same reason that you won't be pissed if Gill doesn't contribute his fair share amount of points for a Dman, it's simply not what's expected of him.

Gomez should score about 12-13goals. He had a poor season last year (career low) and scored only 7. If you want to criticize him about his assists go for it, but whining that he didn't score 5 extra goals is pretty useless.
His job is to create plays with his skating and passing, not to score 20 goals.

But everybody knows he just had his worst career year. Expecting back to back career lows isn't quite realistic, especially when he hasn't suffered any type of injury that would lead one to believe otherwise.
Actually, I don't mind Gill at all. He does what he does well.

As for Gomez, I think he'll score about 50-55 points which is in line with what Mathman was saying.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Why is that? Why would they not improve?
Cammy and Gionta each had worst career years since breaking out. Gomez had his worst career year. Plekanec was clearly overworked due to that and only tallied up 57pts, not to mention being completed by Halpern (or other scrappers) half the time. We didn't have a top 6 for most of the year again.
I know you don't think Gomez will have another low year seeing as you said you expect him to be around the 55pt mark. So wouldn't you agree that Gionta and Cammy could very well see their numbers go up as well? (Gionta maybe more so than Cammy)
I think it would be very pessimistic to expect not improvements there.
I didn't say we wouldn't improve. I expect we probably will. But I don't see us being great at scoring and I don't think we're contenders because we're too small.

We're not terrible and we have great goaltending, but we're not great either.

I'm also surprised that a guy like yourself who writes in those fitness threads can't see the benefit of size and strength on the ice.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
40 ES pts is usually the norm for Gomez. The rest will be decided on the PP. I believe everybody agrees a fair expectation is 55pts.
Originally Posted by Roke View Post
2010-11 missed shots for Habs dmen min 41GP:

PK Subban: 1.01 MsS/GP (77GP, 78 MsS) 28%
Roman Hamrlik: 0.76 MsS/GP (79GP 60MsS) 31%
Yannick Weber: 1.02 MsS/GP (41GP 42MsS) 40%
Jaroslav Spacek: 0.62 MsS/GP (59GP 37 MsS) 36%
James Wisniewski 0.77 MsS/GP (43GP 33MsS) 28%
Hal Gill: 0.38 MsS/GP (75GP 29MsS) 32%
Alexandre Picard: 0.53 MsS/GP (43GP 23MsS) 32%

I've also included the percentage of missed shots out of shots + missed shots. Spacek does run higher on a percentage basis than Subban, hamrlik, and Wiz but he has 2:40/game less PP time than Wiz, 1:40/game less than Subban and 1:10/game less than Hamrlik where you have more time to get your shot off and one less guy taking up shooting lanes.

If had Evens/PP/PK splits for their real-time stats it wouldn't surprise me to see the Habs' dmen all within 5 percentage points of each other in terms of the percentage of missed shots. There's only a 12% spread as it is right now.

Not to mention that missed shots, at least for forwards, isn't a big deal on the aggregate That may not extend to defensemen but Spacek isn't particularly bad at missing the net. I think you're seeing things that aren't there (like others seeing Gomez taking too many "bad" penalties when he's one of the most disciplined Habs)
Is that missed shots per games played? Or is that missed shots per attempts? Big difference between the two.

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