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06-19-2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
If he puts up 86 points a year I don't give a crap if he cries on the bench after every time he's hit.
But he doesn't and he won't and truthfully, he can't.

He can score 80+ points SOME years. Gaborik isn't a "proven" 80 point per year player though and I'm not sure why everyone wants to act like he is. He had one 86 point season. He's 29. How is that 86 points a year? Between health concerns and compete level, Gaborik is simply not a player who can be relied upon for CONSISTENT 80 point seasons.

I hate to be that guy but expecting anything more than ~60-70 games and ~50-70 points out of Gaborik each year is simply expecting too much. He'll exceed those numbers sometimes, but if you're expecting him to do better annually, prepare to be disappointed.

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
It's all on him? Are we ignoring that Vinny Prospal scored 60 points feeding the puck to Gabby? And they meshed very well in Gabby's first year?

People hold Gaborik to a standard he can't fulfill. Playing with someone who complements him he'll score his 80+ points. But no, let's not give our elite sniper good guys to play with.
You're the one holding him to the standard he can't fulfill. He isn't a reliable, consistent or proven 80 points per season player. The fact that he did so well in his first season here with a mix of Dubinsky, Prospal and Christensen proves MY point. It's not about his linemates; it's all on him. It's on his health, obviously, and then it's all on his compete level and his confidence. Gaborik simply didn't BRING it last year. And if anything else were the truth, our coach wouldn't have been keeping him on the bench for nearly entire periods at times. You can say whatever you want to, but it is 100% accurate that if Gaborik played HIS game but with the intensity that Prust brings to his own game, than he would be the consistent 80+ point guy YOU seem to think he realistically is. He obviously has the skill. It's all on him to consistently find that other gear that separates the highly skilled floaters like Zherdev from the highly skilled superstars.

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