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06-19-2011, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
On top of being an "anonymous blogger", posting anonymously here.

That rule seems highly skewed.

MAG comes here, mostly everyone who's been around here for awhile knows which poster he is.

If Eklund actually had a real face and name to associate it with, and we'd actually know which poster he is, I'd agree with the rule. Pretty sure there are a lot of journalists who come here anonymously and get their 'good' names dirtied more often than not, and yet they never seem to bother, because outside of 'Eklund', we've never heard a mod tell us to not crap on some journalist.

But since he likes to live with all the anonymous crap, he should also live with the criticism directed at his "persona".

No matter if he's been right a few times, some of the "rumors" he brings are sometimes completely wack, lack any seriousness and are an insult to most intelligent people. And that's just the beauty of posting anonymously, there's no accountability. So why should we be accountable for what we say about some anonymous poster slash anynomous blogger who's not accountable to anyone?

We should at least know which poster he is, if we have to respect a made-up name, a friggin persona ffs, a name that has NOTHING to do with HF at all.
I agree... but if i can honestly remember i believe he posts as eklund (or at least did, when this site still ran in the thread run down days lol ) LONG time ago... I havent seen much registered to eklund other than a bit of a debate about his low % of being correct.

Does anyone remember Eklund the clown? I believe he was the samme eklund...

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