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Originally Posted by Just Lurking View Post
When can RFAs be signed to offer sheets? I assume beginning July 1, like UFAs?

So, if the next window for filing for arbitration isn't until July 5/6, doesn't that leave a window of several days where our RFAs could be signed to an offer sheet?

And a comment about "arbitration eligible". This just means that the player cannot elect to go to arbitration. However, the team can elect for arbitration with any RFA. However, a team can only do this to a player once during their career. But, once a player is arbitration eligible, they can request arbitration during every negotiation while they are a RFA.
A qualifying offer by the RFA's club is not open for acceptance by the player until July 1 and expires at 5 pm on July 15th (a date which can be extended by notice to the NHL). If a player cannot sign a qualifying offer until July 1, he cannot sign an "offer sheet" either. The old team then has 7 days within which the club has to exercise its right of first refusal. If they do not do that, the offer sheet is binding.

And your comment about a player not needing to be "arbitration eligible" for a club to take the player to arbitration is incorrect. Article 12.3 requires that a player be "arbitration eligible" for a club to take that step.

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