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Originally Posted by Zetterqvist24 View Post
Dude... WHERE am I saying the TEAM needs more heart (which you seem to think means gritty "heart and soul" kinds of players, for some inexplicable reason)? Saying that a SPECIFIC player needs to play with more heart, intensity, drive, urgency, gumption, jam, etc. is NOT the same thing as saying "boy, this team needs more guys like Prust and Cally". Why do you keep trying to drive home the "we need more skilled guys; we have enough heart" argument? I'm not advocating more grit and grind I'm simply stating the FACT that Gaborik needs to step up the intensity with which he plays his SKILL game. And I'm really not buying the injury thing. He played in the WCs immediately after the season ended - where was his drive in the playoffs?

It's a simple fact. If Gaborik worked as hard as Cally does (and no, that doesn't mean playing Cally's style of game, it just means giving 1000% every single shift) he would be more than twice the player he is. If Callahan was as skilled as Gaborik, Cally would put up 75+ points a year.
First, you say if Gaborik played with the same intensity as Prust, that would somehow make him into a better player. Gaborik had and created offensive chances and I don't think him not scoring is a question of heart, and the same goes for everyone else on this team.

The problem I have with you is that you're making it seem that if Gaborik played with a little more gumption, then that would equate to pucks in net, but the Rangers HAVE shown they can go toe-to-toe with other teams but they could not bury one if their life depended on it. The Rangers HAVE shown they can play balls to the wall if need be and it still resulted in being stonewalled.

Heart, intensity, drive...whatever, shouldn't be part of the discussion. SKILL, where the powerplay doesn't fluctuate all season, where dump and chase ARE NOT the only thing this team excels at, fundamentals, such as the slapshot and one-timer, aren't foreign concepts, a consistent offense that doesn't have to score in bunches but at least doesn't have a problem scoring two goals in a game.

I think that's what the Rangers need and skill can rectify it.

Gaborik played in the WC's, so his injuries during the season fall to the wayside?

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