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06-19-2011, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Melvin Udall View Post
Trying to put words ion my mouth(?)......please point out where I said or implied that the Bruins dominated the HABS in the 2011 playoffs!

Personally, I think the Bruins found out how good they are through their winning experience in the 2011 playoffs......few people gave them a chance against Vancouver.

I anticipate that the Bruins will use their new confidence to be the team to beat in the East (maybe along with Philly - assuming Philly can get the goaltendinng they need).

Then again the Caps and Pens - if they remain healthy - along with Tampa - will be no pushovers either.

I don't expect that Gauthier will make any major moves prior to next season - accordingly, I expect the HABS to continue to be a playoff team....maybe!

Just my opinion.

You realize they needed Thomas to win the Conn Smythe and possibly the Vezina in order to accomplish what they have?
I don't expect the Bruins to be the team to beat, I don't expect them to finish ahead of us either. If Philly get Bryzgalov signed, I'm pretty sure they'll be at the top.
Washington should be there as usual as well.

I don't think there's any question that we're a PO team. We were one this year, without ever going below 8th, while missing two very key Dmen on top of having 3 of our top 5 forwards go through career lows, not to mention not having a top6.

I am really pleased with the current shape up of our team. I think we need to tweak a few things (younger more puck moving D which we should have next year, and adding a bit more offensive depth with another top 6 forward), but otherwise we are very close from being a solid team for multiple years.

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