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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Lidstrom isn't big and hitty but he's fantastic defensively. Markov isn't. He's adequate defensively but he's one dimensional. He's just really good with the puck. He's a stellar offensive defenseman and that's about it. He's not Chris Pronger either, sorry.
FYI, Markov's GAA per 60 minutes over the last 6 seasons is very close to Lidstrom's. Lidstrom gets a better 5-on-5 +/- because he plays with Dats and Zets who produce a lot more than the forwards Markov had. But the goals allowed is about the same, for ES and PK and they both played top minutes, so their opposition is the same. Markov is one of the closest players to Lidstrom in defensive style of play. Markov isn't just really good with the puck, he's one the best positional dman in the league. Stop talking out of your hat. You run that mouth of yours like there's no tomorow but you have no idea how many fallacies you propagate as 'truth'. One-dimensional defensively

Go check their goals allowed stats. Next thing you'll say is that Markov has had better goalies, yet the Wings have had the best depth and talent in the league in the last 10 years. That's not what Markov had, yet their GAA is about the same.

Stop living in the cult of great men, get some perspective and put things into context, instead of always using a bygone past as the yardstick for the present. (such as yesterday's "cup winners all have 2-3-4 future HOF" I stopped reading there and understood it would be pointless to explain how ALL your comparisons are based on very different models that give much different results and can't be compared).

BTW, if you want to question my view of Lidstrom, understand that I've been a huge fan of him since 92, have seen him play A LOT, and know what he is capable of. I've been also following #79's career since he started in the NHL, and Markov isn't far off from Lidstrom.

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