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06-19-2011, 03:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Every fan wants their team to go to the cup. There's also more than 2 good teams that could get there every year, that's why predictions in hockey are so tough. The East was wide open for Washington this spring considering Philly still had goalie issues as well as injuries, and the Pens without Crosby/Malkin simply cannot compete the same way. The Caps choked however, big time, and they will need to address certain issues.
But it's not because you don't get to the cup finals that you're not a contender, or have a solid team.
Regularly going to the cup turns you into a dynasty more so than just a contender.

We have a bright future, it's as far as we can go for now. We'll see how it all develops and just how bright it gets as the years progress.

Again, you have some good and valid points.

Although it would be nice for the HABS to "regularly" go to the Cup Finals - I would be happy with 1 appearance - at least to start.....especially if they competed once they got there.

As you know they got to the Eastern Conference Finals in '10 but were dominated by Philly.

Realistically - the Red Wings - arguably the best team in the NHL for the past 15 or so years - don't get to the finals 'regularly'.

For the HABS, 1 competative trip to (and through) the finals would be a great start.

If the Habs could come close to repeating what the Wings have done in recent years I would be very satisfied.


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