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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
with the habs drafting record over the past decade, combined with our needs and cap situation, I see Brouwer + 2nd (36 or 43) + 70th overall as better for the organization than 17th+Upshall/Laich @ UFA premium.

if you look at the players we've drafted in the 15-20 range vs the players we've nabbed in the 2nd/3rd round, especially under Timmins, we do pretty much just picking in the first as we do in the 2/3, so getting 2 picks vs 1 works for me from the pov of stocking our prospect pool.

as an RFA, and coming off of a so-so year, Brouwer won't be getting much of a raise, I'd say probably no more than 1.5-1.75M cap hit, compared to 3-4M+ for Upshall or Laich... and I think Brouwer would give us roughly similar contributions to both players. Next year, assuming he's had a good year, we are then in a better position to give him a deal similar to what Upshall/Laich will get this year.
I find that's pretty flawed logic...just because we have traditionally drafted better in the 2nd round vs late 1st that we should suddenly start trading down to round 2.

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