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06-19-2011, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
I think we need to get together and start a petition and present to the "owners" of this site in regards to Eklund.

Why is he allowed to put forth "rumors" and have threads about them stay open while if the average poster does it, he gets his/ her thread closed...aren't they members of the board like Eklund? I think we have good reason to not take him seriously anymore and its extremely ridiculous that his rumors clutter these boards when they are pure bs. All they do is stir up the posters for rumors we know are false.

I think Eklund sources should not be posted anymore, it gives everyone less of a headache...the mods for having to make sure people stay civil when discussing him..the posters from gettinga ggrevated that he gets special treatment and Eklund himself from being made fun of constantly.
Good luck with the first part that I bolded.

I totally agree with the 2nd part I bolded, even though it's not going to happen.

The bottom line is folks, he's been deemed a credible source. So until that changes, you either accept it, or you ignore this thread.

Complaining is just going to get you banned from this thread. Insulting Eklund is just going to get you infractions. That's as straight forward as I can explain it to all of you.

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