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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I personally don't want Giroux anywhere near any of our young players to "mentor them" at least on the ice. Giroux, for as good as he is, makes some really boneheaded pass attempts that too often end up on an opposing players stick.

There is a very good reason that nearly ALL of our young forwards spend at least half a year on Richards line. It's because RICHARDS is the only player we want to "train" these kids on how to play on the ice at the NHL level. JVR has become a very solid 2-way player because he was put on Richards line and Richie mentored him on how to be defensively responsible FIRST, and that NOT attempting risky plays doesn't have to take away from your offensive game. We certainly don't want a team full of Briere's running around as our forwards (something that would be more likely if we let Giroux "mentor" the kids).

Giroux may be a more gifted player than Richards but Richards is by far the SMARTEST forward we have on this team. He is the ONLY one who should be "mentoring" players on what to do on the ice. Now if you want to discuss his off-ice issues then that's another story, but on-ice, Richie is my man.
Giroux has a very high hockey IQ. He makes a lot of pass attempts but put up 51 assists, so obviously many of them were successful. A player like Akeson can learn from Giroux as an undersized, oft overlooked young player with a high end skillset, how to be successful in the NHL. Giroux is bosom-buddies with Briere, another mighty mite with lots of skill. I would imaging a player like Akeson could pick up lots of valuable info from these guys and I'd have no problem at all with this. Mike Richards, though a very good player, isn't the only one on the team young players can or should learn from.

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