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Originally Posted by Vic Rattlehead View Post
Again, people are reading things that are not there in my post.

Boston would not have won without Thomas, sure. He was their best player by far.

However, Boston also doesn't win the cup without scoring 3.24 goals a game in these playoffs. Their offense stepped up when it counted.

The Bruins won the cup playing as a TEAM, a team that had excellent goaltending, superb defense, and a deep and balanced offense.
I'm not reading things that are not there.

I said the most important factor was goaltending. You don't need to add that they also needed offense and defense. There isn't one NHL team that has won the cup based on only one factor. It's always a team effort.

But the point I was making is that goaltending was the most important factor. This was proven when Thomas won low scoring games. Boston were able to put up numbers whenever the opposing goalie was pretty much off. Great. But winning 8-1 doesn't mean your offense was amazing, it means the opponent's defense+goaltending was extremely weak. Boston doesn't have one superstar up front. They don't have Ovechkin type of players. Matter of fact, not one single player averaged 1pt/gp throughout the POs. Yes, they had good depth from guys like Ryder, Kelly and Peverley. But that's not the primary reason as to why they won.

You can draw the same comparison with Cammy-Halak last season. We likely don't advance without either one, but Halak was still more important than Cammy.
Same thing here. You probably don't go far without any offense, but you don't go anywhere without Thomas.

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