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06-20-2011, 03:21 AM
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Curve Pros/Cons Compilation

In doing research for a new curve, I notice there are several threads on curves here and there, and the basics are usually covered upon request. However, I figured it would be nice for users to be able to search for a curve and get a one-stop-shop on the experiences of other user with said curve.

There are pros and cons to every curve and those change more based on the style and game-play of the user. The idea is just to post the curves you've used, a short pro/con and why the curve you use now is your go to.

Curves used:
Bauer PM9; mid-heel, closed. (Zetterberg, Savard, etc.): Consistent on forehand and backhand, easy to keep shots low. Lie was too low. No other cons really stood out.

Bauer P88; Mid, closed. (Heatley, not sure what else): More zip on the wristshots. Slapshot stayed low from far out. Backhand play also easier. Lie was also too low. Harder to get quick shots up.

Easton Sakic; Mid to mid-toe, open. (Backstrom, Draper, etc.): Quick shots top corner. Slapshots had more precision when looking top corner. Easier to attempt toe drags and such. Harder to keep low slap shots accurate. Backhand almost non-existent. Saucer passes fluttered.

Bauer P91a; heel, open wedge (Kovalev, Drury, etc): More ability to control slapshot height, quick shots easy to get up high. Similar backhand consistency to the PM9. Harder to keep wristshots low, harder to pick high corners with slapshots.

Warrior Lidstrom; heel, open with square toe (Getzlaf, not sure what else): Seems to be a hybrid between the Sakic and Drury clones. Forgiving on slapshots. Backhand plays closer to a flatter blade. Easy to get shots up high top corner. Great on saucer passing. Personally, I just like the look of the toe, but it helps in board play. Harder to keep shots lower than a more closed blade, but easier than the open wedge types. Dangles will also be more difficult with the square toe because you cannot rotate the toe.

My favorite curve so far has been the Lidstrom. It gives me the best of every world between my favorite curves of the P92 (sakic) and the P91a (Drury). I do a lot of stickhandling/shooting using the heel which gives me quicker shots with more accuracy. This curve plays more like a mid-heel with more depth the Drury but less curve than the Sakic with a more open toe. I also like to take slapshots when I can either on D or off the rush so it helps with that as well.

What are yours?

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