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06-20-2011, 05:58 AM
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That said, a lot of the criticism started with Don Cherry, who is famous for judging people not on the contents of their hearts, but on the locations mentioned on their birth certificates and matters of pedigree.

How many eye injuries were born when he famously, irresponsibly, and disgustingly denounced visors as for "Europeans and Frenchmen"? Is it that far a stretch that with his life-long tendency to judge people in such broad strokes that he is harder on Subban for racial reasons?

But Cherry will get a free pass and Subban will carry the weight because hockey is an old boy's club. I'll cheer Subban because I'd hate to have my lot cast in with the other group, a lot of whom just follow Cherry with little critical thought of their own, and pleasantly ignorant of Cherry's basest agendas.

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