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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Sakic was my favorite player, but he and Forsberg didn't always play together. It's very similar to Malkin/Crosby.
Both were centers of their own line and occasionally put together, especially if trailing.

I agree though, I put JJ ahead, but not by a ton.
I agree, I know they didn't always play together, other than PP time ect, my point was Sakic was the more accomplished player on the Av's, not Forsberg, as much as I loved him, the wreckless, take no prisoners style he played, contributed greatly to his shortened career.

He had a ton of skill for sure, but if we were rating them in an All time sense, there would be quite a bit of separation between Jagr and him, and likely quite a bit Between Sakic and Forsberg as well. I know we weren't rating rating this based on anything like that, just find it interesting that Jagr was likely miles ahead in that regard.

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