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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
My opinion is that Akeson is a good prospect despite going undrafted from Jrs. I don't see his outstanding season as an overager being a knock on him, afterall, his performance in prior years (non-overager) still found him climbing the ranks of the OHL scoring leaders. This past season he only did what a highly skilled overager should do (dominate), and you can't blame him or knock him for that.

In my opinion, Akeson will come to camp much like Giroux did at his age, and see if he can make the team. I'd be inclined to think that, barring an exceptional showing, he'd have a hard time beating out Read and other, bigger players with more pro experience for a roster spot. Like Giroux, Akeson will probably be assigned to the Phantoms to develop his game as a pro. Depending on how he does he could earn the right to be a callup later in the season if there are a rash of injuries (which tends to happen at some point every season) or if the other prospects aren't cutting it. From what I've seen I think the kid earns a shot at some point. I'd say maybe a 5-10% chance he makes the club out of camp, 25-35% chance he gets at least a sniff on the Flyers this season and that number rises significantly next season if he proves he can play against men in the AHL.

Akeson is a marginal prospect. He's an undrafted overager. Because player evaluations isn't an exact science, could he be a diamond in the rough? Sure, anything is possible. And your comparing his situation to Giroux's? Seriously? Giroux was a first round pick who just needed a little time in the AHL to get his feet under him in the pro game, and since then it's been an ascension to the top of the ranks. That comparison is ridiculous.

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