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Originally Posted by Concessionaire View Post
I don't think the team being Canadian had anything to do with it. By all reports Vancouver came into the series with an extremely arrogant attitude, figuring the Cup was theirs and the games against the Bruins were just a formality.

That attitude showed up early, and the Canucks set the tone when Burrows bit Bergeron (one of the cleanest-playing and most respected Bruins) and then the team treated it like a joke, even going as far as introducing Burrows as a "vegetarian" during a taped bit for NBC. That, alongside Lapierre's finger taunting in game 2, was obviously going to stir some anger in the Bruins and who could blame them?

Like it or not, Vancouver really did do some things to earn their villain identity, which allowed the Bruins to retaliate and seem justified in doing so. It also didn't help that the Sedins seem to have patented the "oh my god I've been shot in the head" style of way-too-obvious diving. The Bruins didn't need good PR...the Canucks did all the work for them.
Sadly I actually have to agree with this. The Canucks and especially their fan base are among the most smug around. And I don't say this as an insult to them but rather it's a character trait that has become generally accepted among Vancouver fans for the better part of the last decade. For them to deny that is laughable. Obviously it isn't all the fans but a majority for sure especially on HF. Just check their playoff "Just Deal With it" meme as an example. Ironically a bunch of their fans couldn't "just deal with it".

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