Thread: Injury Report: Nathan Horton Symptom Free
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06-20-2011, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by HERE COMES SLEDGE View Post
Riight. Twitter comments, moments after the hit occurred. I saw the same sort of comments after Horton's hit. Knee-jerk reactions.

I'm talking about credible media sources from later that night, or the morning after, when more information was available.
And credible media sources don't use twitter and/or make statements? Knee-jerk reactions or not, the knee-jerk reactions after the Horton hit were night and day as compared to the knee-jerk reactions after the Pacioretty hit.

FFS, are you people ever going to let this go? I guarantee you that had your media, fans, and government not reacted the way it did, there would not have been the backlash against the severity of his injury. Boston fans never called 911. Our team/police did not launch an investigation on Rome. Our government/ownership did not get involved with sponsorship arrangements. The Bruins made their statement where it counted, on the scoreboard.

I (like most other B's fans) are happy that he's (Pacioretty) recovering and will be able to play again. But Jesus Christ. Cry moar. Waaaaaaah.

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