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Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
Bill Guerin, a frequent comparison used by many posters on HF (along with Tony Amonte), was a big, fast, power forward that had a great knack for scoring goals. That's Chris Kreider's scouting report nearly word for ****ing word. Guerin is arguably the exact same height/weight according to hockeydb (incoming "I saw Guerin/Kreider in person, he's not that big), both attended BC, both are goalscorers first and forement, and both have an almost awkward looking stride in middle gear, but when they gets going it's a thing of beauty.

I never even said I agreed with the OP's comparison to Staal, but he made a harmless comparison, he isn't going Nostradamus on you and giving you his potential. However, describe Staal to me, using adjective. Now do the same thing for Guerin, and then Kreider. Ta ****ing da.
In other words, if Poster A compares a player to player b and another poster makes a comparison to a different player, I should accept that as evidence of something.

Gartner, Guerin, and Staal share nothing stylewise, so comparing them all to Kreider, to me has no validity.

No matter how exasperated you get, and shake your head. If someone does not see logic and says that, they are not being argumentative. They are expressing an opinion that what they have read is nonsense. I still think the comparisons are nonsense.

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