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06-20-2011, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Yes Melvin seems to feel if you have a point, you should keep repeating it. Bit soon to write the book on next season for me.

Personally I wonder what the rules will be next year. This year I felt Boston was given more leeway than is normal in recent years. For instance Daniel Sedin will probably win the MVP this year. I'm not sure it's normal for the current league MVP to be ejected for ten minutes of SCF elimination game for the sin of taking six punches in the face from a known instigator rookie. This year the refs seemed to feel that Daniel was obliged to drop his gloves or else he's a chicken. MVPs do not always get treated this way, and I hope to see a little respect for skilled players return to the game. And here I am repeating my own current favorite point.
I thought that it was absolutely disgusting.

The NHL network talked about this last week and it really brought the point home. In the NFL you wouldn't see this kind of crap. Anyone touches Brady after the play and there's a penalty. The NHL doesn't do near enough to enforce it's own rules and that Marchand example was a complete disgrace. If Sedin does nothing he's a candyass. If he retaliates... then he has no discipline. That's how the commentators spin it and the guy can't win. The league shouldn't allow this kind of garbage. Putting your whistle away is fine but the after the play garbage needs to stop.

That being said, we should have learned this by now. The refs put their whistles away in the postseason and it's like the regular season didn't exist. Toughness is not the be all and end all but you need to be more rugged in the postseason to have success.
Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
Still stuck in 2010? Well. at least you don't regurgitate the Halak hype.

You think Thomas was sterling in all seven games against the Habs? I don't, yet the Bruins gave him stronger support. What's his excuse for losing three games to an inferior team? Obviously Price played a huge role in prolonging the series. I watched the Road to the Cup replay on the NHL Network and I thoight Price played at least as well as Thomas throughout. I delight in the fact that Thomas is 37 and Price is 23 (0r 24?). I'm confident that Price will outshine his contemporary when Rask replaces Thomas.
I love Price and believe he will be a star. But I think Rask is going to be really good too... The Bruins could trade away Thomas, get a mint for him and they'd still be fine in goal.

Too bad we didn't make any deals with the Leafs over the past few years. Boston robbed them blind.
Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
These 6 eastern teams should make the playoffs every year in the foreseeable future :


Car-NY-Buf are the closest to this group of 6

HM to TO

Even though they had an exceptional half season, I don't count NJ as they are unstable, Lemaire's not back, and Brodeur is gonna call it quits any time now.
I think TB and Montreal belong to the Car, NY, Buf group. They need to show more consistency before making the jump to that class.

It might not happen but would anyone be surprised to see NJ fly past Montreal or TB in the standings this year? I don't think so. And probably none of those three make the playoffs in the Western conference.
Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
How are you a contender when you're near the bottom of the league in 5 on 5 scoring?

Habs are a middle of the road team, nothing more, nothing less.
You are correct.
Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Then why did they reach the final 4 last year and took the eventual cup champs to 7 games(including 3 OT's)?
A guy who's no longer on our roster took us there. Otherwise we get destroyed in the first series against Washington. Also keep in mind that we had no business even making the playoffs that year because we came in with an embarrassing 88 points.
Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
You hit the nailonthe head. Three teams took the Buins to seven games but only one (the Habs) did it on the basis of its goaltending. Roloson and Luongo failed their teams. But if you compare the skaters on the Habs with the Bolts, Canucks, and even the Flyers, the Habs come in behind them. In order for the Habs to climb higher they have to improve at several positions. The D was compromised by injuries, the forwards by not being good enough at C. I excuse Plekanec because he had densive and PK responsibilities and he scored a criucial SH goal in game 7. But that toad whose name I won't mention did what we expect of toads.
Pretty much nails it.

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