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06-20-2011, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Why the **** is OD 100K? I don't even think that's possible in the NHL, other than claiming on waiver wire. Also, I think Wellwood has a much bigger chance to be in the main 12 forwards over Read. He's at least played with the Flyers, and looked great with Richards. I have literally seen nothing about Read, but I've seen how Wellwood plays, and I love it.
I placed Read there because I heard them rave about his chances at the STH Town Meeting and Homer seems high on him... it is all dependant on his play at Camp. I could have just as easily placed Wellwood there... most important thing was to get them on the 23 man roster under the Cap.

OD is a UFA and can be signed at whatever he agrees to... He could retire and could return if he feels like he can and that the Flyers can win the Cup... My guess is that if he wants to play another year and is not going to test the Open Market then $1M should do the trick... He knows the Area and seems to like it here... If not Guss could enter the picture at an even less Cap hit.

The important thing to me was getting Carle under and one of either Leino or Versteeg.

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