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Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
Florida needs to spend $30 million to get to the cap floor!

PG needs to contact Tallon and try to see if he can unload Gomez in a trade, the Panthers have tons of prospects and are building for the future, not tomorrow like the Habs.

Since they are so deep in the prospects area, and there are rumours of them to be entertaining the possibility of trading the #4 why not see if you can get it?

How about seeing if you can work out a bigger deal to get Weiss to replace Gomez??

1st pick (17th)
Tinordi (last years 1st rounder) or next years 1st


4th overall

The only thing I hate to trade is Tinordi (or the other 1st) cause we don't know what he could be, but it does possibly get us one of Nugent-Hopkins, Larsson, Huberdeau, Landeskog or Couturier.

It would have to include some nice talent going the other way in current or prospects to get Weiss.

Trade them Spacek to finish his career with his original team long with gives them $10 + million towards their goal of getting to the cap floor! lol

PG needs to make the call, just kick the tires at least.
Tallon isn't trading Florida's 3rd overall pick,he stated that before the Lottery draw.Weiss is a young talented player the type of player Tallon built the Blackhawks with.Any player can be had but,the price Tallon will be asking would veto any trade.Surely you jest about trading Gomez,Tinordi and two first round picks for Florida's 3rd,better to offer sheet Nashville for Shea Weber it would be a sure thing at least.The problem with offer sheets is it creates a dog eat dog mentality,we want to win the Stanley Cup not get in a pissing contest with other teams.Have all the other GM's going after our players with absurd offers we'd have to match.

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