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06-21-2011, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
Why is it so difficult for many of you to understand the simple fact that there is a negative correlation between the value of a player and the closer he is to his UFA status.

Come on, would you pay the same price for a Crosby at 18yo who will give your team 7 full season guaranteed before UFA. Or a Crosby 1 year away from UFA and could go for another teams after 1 year ?

The only reason some teams can consider getting Parise is exactly because he is one year away from UFA. Thats was the reason you got Luongo from Florida as well!


Well if the best defenseman in the Cannuck history are Mattias Ohlund, Jyrki Lumme and Harold Snepsts. I would not not consider it and incredible feat. Did Vancouver ever had a norris winner?
That part is understood. Yes that does "lower the value" of Edler but that does not "lower the asking price," as you said. Like the Canucks give a **** about what the "value" of Edler is cause all that matters is the asking price and nobody is going to match that. Does that make any sense? Canucks DON'T have to trade him, therefore the Canucks DON'T have to ADHERE to market value.

Well Crosby is basically a once-in-a-generation player that you know you're going to get 100+ points off the bat with.. so not a valid comparison by any means. If you had said someone who actually required a developmental curve you take the prime one because even though he's closer to UFA, he is a known quantity.

Pretty sure he's still as untouchable as ever. The HF proposals aren't actually a reflection of what occurs in real life..

You're right.. when Snepsts/Ohlund/Lumme are your franchise's best defensemen it isn't a big accomplishment. But the Canucks aren't giving away their best shot at topping that just for nothing.

BUT let me give you an analogy for "market value."

Let's say you had a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. It is your absolute favourite card ever. You got it when you were a child. You value it extremely highly. Somebody walks up to you and asks you if that card is for sale. You tell that person that you intend to keep the card and the only offer that would get you to give it up is a 200$ offer. However, the person tells you that market value is 25$ and he is right. Does that mean you sell the card for 25 dollars or any less than 200 dollars? No. Why? Because you don't have any interest in selling the card in the first place..

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