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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Some players never heal mentally. Their psyche is always conscious of the next big hit; that play which will start things all over again. That alone can ruin players, especially the finesse types. You think a guy was hesitant to go through traffic before? Wait until after a concussion. This sort of thing has ruined many players. Krys Kolanos being a great example. He was given all the time in the world to heal but just was never the same.

The article is also misleading. A 2nd or 3rd concussion is more damaging than the first. While you aren't any more 'likely' to get a concussion, the consequences of getting one will be worse. It's like saying you got a concussion by playing hockey so by quitting hockey you will be less likely to get another concussion. We'll file that one under the 'no ****' section.

The psyche thing is a bit like the Zednik incident. He was never the same player after recovering from this.

PS: Boston

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