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06-21-2011, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Kebekoi View Post
1. Québec (once they agree on the new building this fall)
2. Houston (if Alexander is still interested)
3. Kansas City (if AEG can sell its parts in the Kings and sell the market to the BOG)
4. Hamilton (if Balsillie or another don't do silly antics)
5. Portland/Seattle (if the NHL could find an ownership to build an arena and/or pay for the team)

I think the OP was looking for something that was more concrete, e.g., everyone knew TNSE was waiting for a team and where the team would play.

Has Alexander been interested in the last year or two? I think there were other obstacles to that location, iirc.

Quebec City isn't going to be ready in one year.

That leaves Hamilton, and MLSE and Buffalo, and perhaps an owner who may be more worried about his net worth at the moment than he was 3 yrs ago. I honestly don't remember what happened with Katz and his attempt to control Copps?

That leaves Vegas, but there's no arena there either!

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