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06-21-2011, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I think the OP was looking for something that was more concrete, e.g., everyone knew TNSE was waiting for a team and where the team would play.

Has Alexander been interested in the last year or two? I think there were other obstacles to that location, iirc.

Quebec City isn't going to be ready in one year.

That leaves Hamilton, and MLSE and Buffalo, and perhaps an owner who may be more worried about his net worth at the moment than he was 3 yrs ago. I honestly don't remember what happened with Katz and his attempt to control Copps?

That leaves Vegas, but there's no arena there either!
Well, we know in 2007 there were 5 groups in the hunt since there were presentations to the NHL that included TNSE. Does the league try and reactivate one of these.

I assume one was Alexander in Houston, along with groups from KC, Seattle, and LV.

KC and Houston are the only ones with arenas, if they can reactivate the ownership they're 2/3's of the way to GB's magic triangle for team ownership, fan support....

QC has too much of a cloud over it until this arena management situation gets settled one way or the other at the moment, so really they only have one of the three at this moment (you need a building to put the fans in, these two are like chicken and egg). I think once this is settled and: 1) 100% of the funding is in place, and 2) the architectural/engineering plans are well underway that the NHL would let the team play out of Le Collisee for a couple years (balancing the fact that Quebec is not known for getting infrastructure completed on time at the best of times).

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