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Subban, but not because Price isn't as good.

The way I look at it in five years.

Replace Price with a goalie who is 1 tier below him, we still have a fair amount of success because our team makes goalies look good.

Replace Subban with a D who is 1 tier below him, we just lost a #1-2D for a #3-4D. That's a huge blow. In 5 years I could see both being a top of the league at their respective positions but I just see Subban as more of the face of the franchise.

He's a superstar. Price is one too but at the end of the day we all know how superstar D affect a team, the fans, everything. Both of these two players compliment each other anyways, they're always making each other look good. We're very lucky to have both.

If I had to pick one it would be Subban though. Great goalies are practically a dime a dozen especially if you're willing to pay 4m+ which is what we'll need to give Price (albeit he's a superstar not just a great goalie)

Subban's aren't. And it isn't just that he's a stellar D, he has swag.

Originally Posted by AraGOHABSGO View Post
I laugh when people say its easy to find franchsie goalie...

Excuse me, but what?

You dont put Kipper and Fleury in that list come on people...
And even more laughable, I saw halaks name mentionned in that category... -.-

There is a difference between number 1 goalie and a franchsie one...

Nicklas Kronwall or Lidstrom?

Well, yeah.... Kronwall is a number 1 def, but Lidstrom is a franchise def.

Franchise Goalies are the ones you can count on each game to make you win...

Let me ask you this, Luongo is a franchise goalie? He never shows up in critical time.
Thomas, very good, had a better team, a WAY better team than the Habs.
Put Price, with Bruins, Hawks, Flyers, Canucks, Caps, Wings he would absolutely dominate...

Why because, he can count on a offense that will score more than 2 goals per game...
You know that the habs were the team that scored teh least goals in all the team that made the playoffs?
So yeah...
All the goalies quoted here are franchise goalies. Even if I don't like Luongo I know that.

Talk about being a complete homer and 100% bias

Come on Fleury is streaky but he did win the cup and appeared in the finals twice.

Luongo won an olympic gold medal. Made it to the finals. Yeah he's a choker but he's a franchise goalie no less. He hasn't won the cup yet, doesn't mean he won't. He needs to learn how to not choke first though

Kipper not a franchise goalie? The guy plays 70+ games a year and has good stats. Has also been to the finals. He's a franchise goalie.

Thomas not a franchise goalie? He just won the cup on the back of one of if not the most impressive goalie performance of all time (in 1 season)

Halak not a franchise goalie? OK fair enough, that's yet to be proven, but he still played well with a **** team this year (all their team was injured) and brought a weaker habs roster past two powerhouse contenders. He might not be a franchise goalie just yet but he's one of those goalies on the cusp and if he puts up good numbers this year will definitely be.

You are a huge homer.

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