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06-21-2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by allstar3970 View Post
Ah yes, we need to spend money to counter TREVOR GILLIES. A joke of a player who shouldnt even be in the NHL.

Your logic is as if every other team has an evil goon who will hurt our players unless we have a white knight to save our guys. Actual logic dictates it doesn't work this way.

Gillies is going to throw dirty hits anyway, and is willing to fight anybody. So how does having our own heavyweight "deter" him? Does our "out for the common good" goon fight everybody as the other goons cower in his presence and play nice with everybody? Can our goon be deterred? (Well no right? Because "our guy" wouldn't throw dirty hits, he's just protecting our guys, duh)

And if Gillies' 3 minutes (just checked, 3:04 per game last year) per game somehow overlapped with our skill guys and he went after somebody, guess what? Our heavyweight wouldnt be on the ice. Oh but next time when Gillies takes a shift (maybe in the next period) our guy can slash at his calves until they drop the gloves, then they both go to the box for 5 minutes accomplishing...not much, other than the teams now playing 11 on 11.

Are we really just buying that 5 minutes Gillies is in the box and can't try to hit any of our guys? Because if he wasn't in the box, then what are the odds he would even be out on the ice in the 5 minutes after just taking a shift?
Gillies, Haley, Martin, Hamonic, maybe Konokopa - Islanders
Clarkson, Mair, Fraser, Jay Leach - Devils
Adams, Asham, Cooke, Tangardi, Engelland, Orpil, left off Rupp - Pens
Carcillo, Shelley, Coburn, Hartnell - Flyers

Shall I continue?

you want to outskill everyone, that wont work...u have to have a blend, how many times do I have to say the same ****ing thing.

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