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06-21-2011, 09:32 AM
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The real problem for the league right now is that they already own a team, while franchise values have declined dramatically (due to the economy and myriad other factors).

They were salivating over expansions to Vegas and possibly KC (thought not all governors were convinced about KC, so Lieweke was flying them out there to tour the arena). Salivating because the expansion fee being floated was some ridiculous number like $400 MM. Heck, let's say it was even $200 MM-- about the average franchise price back in 2007, so the good ol' boys of the BOG were saying "Cha ching!"

Instead, they've already sunk about $170 MM, and counting, into Phoenix. Instead of lining their pockets, they're hoping to get their money back.

I personally doubt they will want to give up one of the more plum locations where a large expansion fee can be garnered someday (unless they really are over the barrel).

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