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06-21-2011, 09:39 AM
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It's very true that the very vocal media of Montreal and Boston really shapes the respective fanbases' perceptions and opinions; the perils of one-sourcing one's information, I guess. I think, however, that "dissing the Habs" is a siginificant portion of the Bruins media's culture; Boston media unhesitatingly give the Habs every possible flaw, whether there is any kernel of truth to it or not. As a result the Bruins fanbase has a rather jaundiced view of the Habs, but also tend to obsess over them. The Montreal media simply does not give the Bruins the same attention the Boston media gives the Habs, and the fanbases' attitudes reflect that.

Ironically, Montreal media has its biases, but they're not really towards team homerism; rather they run towards promoting French-Canadian players, regardless of team. In fact to me they tend to create a perception that the Habs are weaker or in more trouble than they really are. The insistence that the Habs would be life and death to make the playoffs and Price would need to stand on his head repeatedly to make it happen when they were were 2 points away immediately comes to mind. Another perception they've created is that Desharnais could replace Gomez, when Eller would really get first crack.

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