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06-21-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Crazy Ivan View Post
Yes, I was looking for something more concrete.

So, we are left with:
1) Leave the team in Glendale, keep searching for a buyer there or elsewhere, while the NHL operates the team and eats the losses.
2) The NHL moves the team to someplace and goes the Montreal Expos route:
a) Kansas City: There's an arena there. Try to find fan support and a buyer.
b) Quebec: Arena on the way...facility to play in in the mean time.
c) Convince Lee in Houston to buy the team.
d) Vegas: See Kansas City.
e) Portland? Being granted a team might jump-start 'new arena' talk since they have an NHL team. The Rose Garden houses the Portland Winterhawks, so, they do have a rink ready.
f) Seattle? Don't know if they have an arena ready.

You know what, I've been thinking about it. I ALMOST could buy into the move on spec thing.

I could see this if the league did some market research on two things: 1) shake the trees to see if there is any interest in owning a team, and 2) check the market wrt fan support.

If both of these were to pan out, the league could run a "Drive to 13" styled on TNSE's program complete with long term commitments. This would provide the team with guaranteed revenue streams intially and would give potential owners confidence to jump in with both feet.

Potentially this could be the way out if PHX doesn't work out (IMO any owner in PHX should make the purchase conditional on a minimum number of ST subscriptions too).

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