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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
This is a joke right?? Is this right? Struggling financially? The guy just got paid over 30 million bucks! Wow hes really trying to ring out every last drop isn't he? When this is finished i'd really like to know all the details/explanations as to what the motivation was behind all of this and if this paperwork is indeed being filed for this reason. Whatever the case is it seems to me like he's trying to get everything he can. It comes off as very bitter and selfish to the blue-collar fan. Some may not agree with it, but its the truth.

These programs are in place in the CBA to "help" players, but the spirit of them is for a different reason then what Drury is claiming imo. I could be wrong. I do believe everyone is entitled to every penny they can get their hands on but this seems a little excessive the way its outlined here. Especially when you just cleaned up on a ludicrous contract.

I never feel sorry for ex-sports stars or high profile persona when they have financial troubles. If you are lucky enough to be in the 5% of the nation that has that type of money, its up to you to manage it correctly and dont overstep your means. I understand that when you get all that money expenses and lifestyles rise with it - but i dont want to hear a sob story about it.

This is all leaving a bad taste in my mouth with Drury, and you can say well, hes earned it, its his right, blah blah blah, but you know what? The guy basically brought this team down on a whole. I was willing to digest that, just like all the other high-priced vets in the past. But this is taking it to another level and hes thumbing his nose at the franchise and the fans. Unless theres some unique workaround to the system going on here, and hes actually benefiting the rangers by doing this, then i see him really different.
Drury is not being greedy, he is providing for his family. All the power to him for milking money out of a fund designed to help people that may actually need it.

I heard that if he does not feed his children one thousand dollars (in hundreds) a day, they will explode.

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