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06-21-2011, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Pajicz View Post
Cannot believe that building an arena to Las Vegas would be impossible. As the only major sports team in there, the team could be very successful.
I've lost track of the BOH threads, but there have been some following the saga of trying to get an arena approved.

First, the UNLV facility is a goodly size, but they host so many events during the year, including year end rodeo in December that would mean any hockey team would traveling most of that month, and probably have horrendous ice and non-weekend schedules.

Second, there are economic issues way out of proportion to the rest of the country. Vegas is founded on gambling, which is discretionary spending and when the economy tanks in the country, Vegas has drastic reductions in revenue (think penthouse to tin shanty discrepancy).

Third, there's an issue of a single casino (think MGM Grand, Mirage, etc.) owning the facility. Other casinos, their competitors, may not get the suites, blocks of club seats, which the team/arena would need to support the team (corporate).

Fourth, there were some city zoning issues IIRC of one proposed (independent) site. And financing issues with the economy flailing.

Fifth, I have never seen an economic report/analysis that show how a franchise would fill it's arena. Are there enough tourists that would get tickets to come watch a visiting team? Are there enough folks/families who don't work nights willing to come to a game? (ECHL Vegas has only a 3000 seat venue; they have $3 "day of game walk up" seats available.

Sixth, there's the elephant in the room. Gambling. Another reason casinos wouldn't like it is that their sports book would be prohibited from taking NHL bets. Not to mention the potential for addiction in team personnel that could radically make NHL Security's life a living hell.

Well, that's some of the highlights of issues of having a team in Vegas. YMMV.

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