Thread: Speculation: Markov and Weber that much closer.
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06-21-2011, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
The Habs can't put a gun to Wiz's head and make him an offer he can't refuse.... even if Pleks is willing to do it for them.

Wiz and his agent have all the power in this situation. It's in their best interest to wait until July 1st to start negotiating. Even if PG has approached Wiz's representation about a contract, he was probably me with a "wait and see" response or a demand for what his agent believes is his full market value, term and security clauses.

We can lament about the potential loss of Wiz all we want, but nothing will change the fact that the Habs are very unlikely to get him signed before July 1st, unless they give him a blank cheque.
That's not a fact. That's a faulty assumption.

As I said before, the ONLY things Wiz said regarding all this, is that he was looking for security (NOT A BLANK CHEQUE), because he was tired of moving from one city to the other, that he would greatly like to stay here, but that he fears it hinges on Markov coming back or not. That is a paraphrase of what we've heard from him since the playoffs ended.

You're whole tirade about Wiz waiting for July 1st is based on your preconception and generalization of NHL UFAs mentality. It's not fact, it's hubris.

If Wiz doesn't sign before July 1st, it's because he's not in PG's plans.

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